Seeds of africa

project information

Location: Adama, Ethiopia
Client: Seeds of Africa
Executive Director: Atti Worku
Size: 25,000 SF
Cost: $1.2 Million(Estimated)
Completed: Expected 2018
Services: Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development

PROJECT description

Big Future Group’s first fundraising mission will help support our design for Seed’s of Africa’s Dream School, a Pre-K through 12th grade campus, blended with community engagement and enrichment facilities where children, teachers, families and communities can learn, play meet, grow and develop necessary tools to improve their lives. Big Future Group will help realize Seeds of Africa’s aim to create a safe, functional, and inspiring space for learning, and to stimulate growth and opportunity for all in the community. The Dream School campus will be the catalyst for a stronger and more engaging type of education and community building, and will become a model for free student and adult education in the region. The Dream School will accommodate up to 600 students with 30 classrooms, administration building and recreational facilities, which will enable the continued expansion of Seeds of Africa’s twin successful Seeding Education and Seeding Community Development programs, their twin pillars for impact in the Adama community.

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